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Harness Racing Odds

Harness Racing is the sport you see that looks like chariots being pulled along and raced. The carts – or sulkies – and the drivers (not jockeys) are pulled along by magnificent horses. Harness Racing is a form of horse racing that includes either trotting or pacing. Australia has a large harness racing community and all bets can be placed online. Up-to-the-minute Harness Racing Odds, tips and advice, and results can also be viewed online when you place your bets.

Perhaps the largest harness racing event in Australia is the Barastoc Grand Circuit Series. This series is for both pacers and trotters. You should look at the Harness Racing Odds on both of these. They are certainly well worth your punting attention.

The Barastoc Pacers Grand Circuit Series is a Group 1 event that incorporates twenty different meets. These meets are also held in New Zealand. Some of those meets included in the Barastoc Pacers Grand Circuit Series are: the SEW Eurodrive Victoria Cup (Moonee Valley, VIC); the Hunter Cup (Moonee Valley, VIC); and the 2009 Inter Dominion Pacing Championship – Grand Final Grand Circuit (Gold Coast, Qld).

The Barastoc Grand Circuit is also held for trotters. Some of these meets include: Australian Trotting Grand Prix (Moonee Valley, VIC); Bill Collins Trotters Mile (Moonee Valley, VIC); and the Inter Dominion Trotting Championship (Moonee Valley, VIC).

The Inter Dominion Series is another event in which you should check out the Harness Racing Odds. The series begins with a set of heats and prize money on offer. After the heats have been run, those in the first twelve places race for prize money of one million dollars.

Harness Racing Betting

Harness racing can offer you the thrill and excitement of the track, but in a different form to conventional horse racing. There are different types of bets that you can place on harness racing. When deciding on what bet to place, also check out the harness racing odds.

Some common types of bets that you can place on harness racing include a Win and a Place. The Win is a type of bet where you select the horse and driver that is to finish first. The Place is when you select horses to finish first, second of third. The Each Way bet is a form of bet where you have essentially placed a wager on a win and a place. So, if your horse wins, you will win for both the first position and the place. However, if your horse only comes a place, you will only win the amount that a place pays.

A Quinella is another common type of bet. In this wager, you choose two horses that will come first and second in any order. The Standout Quinella is when you choose a standout to come either first or second and other horses to fill the other places. The Boxed Quinella is when you select a number of horses in the race to come first and second.

The Trifecta is when you choose three runners to come first, second and third. These must come in the right order. The Standout Trifecta and the Boxed Trifecta are the same as the Standout and Boxed Quinella but with three picks instead of two.

The Exacta is almost the same as the Quinella but your selections must come home in the right order. The Superfecta is when you must pick the first horses in the right order. You can also pick a Standout and Box Superfecta that is the same as the Quinella and Trifecta but includes six horses.

The Double is a type of bet in which you have to choose winners in two races. In an All Up bet you choose one horse in multiple races to win.

Harness Racing is a thrilling type of horse race to watch. Similar to the old chariot races, there is something very noble about this type of racing. Whether the pacer or trotters take your fancy, there really is some type of harness race for everyone. Before selecting how you want to bet on the races, you need to consider what type of Harness Racing Odds are being offered. You can not only check out the Harness Racing Odds online, but you can also place all of your bets online. You don’t need to head down to the track or off to a betting agency, just relax at home and wager online.